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Tuna Steak
Carnivores Rejoice! Turkey Has Been Saved.
Let’s get that heart working…. Wellness Wednesday
Refrigerator Oatmeal
Lentil Salad: Recipe of the Week

Tuna Steak

Seared Tuna Steak

This may be my favorite recipe yet.  In the spirit of getting a huge bang-for-your-buck, this tuna steak is a bullseye.  I picked up an amazing tuna steak at my meat market and had it for lunch.  That’s right –  lunch – just $5.99 for a great meal that was ready in less than ten minutes. I guess you could have some processed grease-bomb with chips and a cup of sugar for the same price.  You pick.  I know which one I’d choose.

Tuna Steak

Get Ready For Lunch

Here’s all you need to do… practice this once on your own, then get ready to blow away your friends. Mix the following together:

  • 1 Tbsp. powdered wasabi mustard
  • 1/2 cup toasted sesame seeds
  • 1 tsp. Kosher Salt

Seared Tuna Steak

Once they are mixed together, it’s time to firmly press the steak into the seasonings covering it completely.  I have seen posts where they say to use tongs or some kind of gloves, but I say balderdash.  Grab it with your hands and get dirty.  The sesame seeds add a fantastic crunch to the tender steak.

Get the pan heated to medium-high.  Don’t rush.  Get that pan really hot because you only have one shot at a seared steak that rules the kitchen.  Put a thin coat of sesame oil on the bottom for flavor and to crisp up the crust.

How to Cook Tuna Steak #Viewblender

This step is important…

You all have to figure out how you like your tuna, but for me, the more rare the better.  Look at the finished product in the picture.  That steak was done with one minute on each side. Exactly one minute. If you really like it really rare, I would cut it down to 30 seconds per side.  Now get that meat off the heat, onto your plate, and into your mouth!

Ahi Tuna Steak


There are a lot of ways to serve this beauty.  Cut it up and eat it dipped in wasabi and soy sauce.  Lay the slices over a bed of greens and have a salad.  Take some leaf lettuce and make some wraps with rice.  There are endless ways to dress it up. I just ate it (sometimes plain and simple is the best way).

Ok gang, I am going to sign off and search for another great option for all of my Viewblender friends.  Heat it up and Let’s Go!





Carnivores Rejoice! Turkey Has Been Saved.

Avocado Turkey Feta Burger

Just when you though the health food nuts had met their match…  I have tried and tried but nothing has been able to displace the good old greasy burger.  My parents make Turkey burgers all of the time.  They are good for you and have NO TASTE.  Listen, I am 100% on board with health and treating your body right but, at some point we all must demand flavor.  All of you carnivores are welcomed back at the table for the most flavorful turkey burger you have ever eaten.  I understand it may be the first turkey burger you have ever eaten so you have no frame of reference but, I will take credit for bringing you to the turkey-table regardless. Buckle up kids, here comes the Turkey Burger.

Here Is The Straight Scoop

All you need is a bowl and a bunch of stuff to mix in it.  Get some lean ground turkey.  The one I bought was 1.25 pounds of 94% lean protein.  Grab your sharpest knife and a cutting board.  As always you can mix and match ingredients, but here is what I used.

1/4 cup Feta Cheese (blue cheese would certainly rock)Turkey Burger

1/4 cup Craisins (use cranberries, or anything sweet)

1/4 cup finely chopped red onion

1/2 cup finely chopped fresh spinach

1 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper (use something else if you don’t like a little heat)

1 Farm fresh egg (ok, any egg but I sound so hipster when I say farm fresh)

Mix this all together.  The egg will help hold it together since turkey is a little harder to keep in a tight patty, like beef.

Turkey BurgerMake the patties about 5 or 6 inches across and keep them thinner than a normal burger.  These burgers do not shrink down like beef so make them about the size you would prefer.  Exercise a little patience, they need some TLC to form up.

Next take a big drink of beer and wash your hands.  This step is not optional.

Step two is a deceptive little topping.  In a second bowl (and yes, you have to wash two bowls) mix 1/2 ripe avocado with 2 heaping Tbsps of Greek Yogurt.  After that is all mixed up why don’t you go ahead and chop some tomato and add it to the dip.  Toss that dip in the fridge so it is good and set up when you need it.

Heat a skillet to a medium temperature or fire up the grill.  Use a heavy dose of non-stick something since the feta will sear onto the pan or the grill.  I like an olive oil spray since olive oil is…cooler than regular spray, so says science.  It will take about seven minutes per side.  Don’t flip it over and over!  Be patient and try to live with one flip because this bugger can crumble if you are not careful.

Get that hot burger on a bun ASAP.  Smear a healthy pile of avocado topping on the meat and add some fresh veggies for a little crunch.  Be creative with the entire process.  I added some radishes, bell pepper slices, and red onion to the sandwich.  Crunch and zing make the burger all the better.

I know that it seems like a lot of work for a burger but it is really good.  The part that I underestimated as a carnivore was the flexibility that I held in my hand.  Tons of different flavors, dozens and dozens of fillers, and almost any combination of toppings.  I think I am going to fire up some coconut with a pineapple topping next time.   If it is good I will tell you about it.  If it is terrible I will hide in shame.

Get the bread and Let’s Go!



Let’s get that heart working…. Wellness Wednesday

xango heart healthEvery day we are inundated with health tips and tidbits about how to live longer.  That is great, everyone means well.  I am not sure if a “glass or red wine is equal to 2 hours in the gym” or if “6 pounds of garlic will triple your libido”.   Digging the libido and I am rather fond of Garlic but that may not be a key element to your health.  I am sure that your heart is a critical part of your health equation.  Let’s get your heart working by trying to consume food that won’t kill you!

Here is a cool little ditty on some things to pour in your gaping maw and things you should leave on the shelf.  I understand but we are creatures that need to have information pounded into their brain over and over.  Eat some fruit (which is low hanging fruit sorry).  In fact just tonight I thinking of eating a delicious deep fried wad of butter.  Whew…this chart saved me!

Honestly take a look at your menu and think about your heart.  Not to be redundant with my themes but take little steps and fix stuff.  Spoiler alert:  take a look at number 19 on the good side.  I am a huge fan, a HUGE FAN of Xango Juice.  This product is not just some magic potion based on folk-lore.  It has piles and piles of scientific research extoling the virtues of Xanthones.

It is time people.  It is time to stop stumbling through your health journey pretending that everything will be fine.  We all need step out our game and step out of our comfort zone.  We only have one life (I think)  and need to live it with gusto and with purpose.

Let’s Go!

Refrigerator Oatmeal

Oatmeal3The alarm goes off and it is time to get things done.  Fuel up that body on the way out the door.  I recently saw a recipe for crock pot oatmeal and it looked amazing.

Here is the deal:  Not everyone has a crew to feed.  I mean oatmeal is good, but ten days of leftovers may not be part of your morning vibe.  That’s understandable. Here is a quick – no-cook recipe that tastes fantastic and can be made before bed – not when you are scrambling to get out the door (you’re welcome Mr. Snooze Button).

Grab somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 cup of quick cook oats.  Buy the fancy ones with the dude’s face on the container, something organic, or something generic.  It’s oatmeal – the kind doesn’t really matter.  Then toss in some “stuff“.  I put in about a tablespoon each of almond slivers, brown sugar, and diced green apple.  Cover it with almond milk and put in the fridge.  BAM!  Two minutes and you are ready for tomorrow.

A little editorial note here: I love the marketing description that calls for steel-cut oats.  It is a combine, people. They are made of steel and they drive through a field.  Of course it is steel-cut oats.  So are my whiskers when I shave.

One of my favorite things are recipes you can mess with.  Put whatever strikes your fancy right in the bowl, go on, live a little.  Put in some dates, raisins, pears, kiwi, cinnamon, flax seed, sunflower seeds, protein powder, heck I don’t care, if you like it try it.

Refrigerator OatmealThis little ditty can be made in any quantity, so when you have that morning meeting  with your posse to go over the spreadsheets and crap, fill a cake pan and go for it.  This should go without saying: up the ingredients.  The key is simply covering the ingredients with almond milk.

I realize this is not a glamorous picture but it is OATMEAL.  It’s not the most photogenic food. So give me a break.



Lentil Salad: Recipe of the Week

Healthy Lentil Salad - Packed with protein and flavor

My First Recipe.  EVER.

This is the first recipe I’ve developed ever.  EVER.  I think the reason I want to post recipes on my blog is that I have enjoyed food for as long as I remember.  It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.  The dilemma is the super anal-retentive natured people read recipes and expect every little detail to be handed to them in mindless exactitude on a silver platter.  I cannot cook that way.  I could.  I should.  Maybe then my food would be better.  But where is the fun in THAT?  So, I humbly present to you my first recipe.  It’s imperfectly based on a variety of vague ideas and nuance along with a side of what-I-had-in-my-kitchen.  So good luck foodie friends… you can do this!

Lentil Salad

This is a delicious protein-packed salad/dip/snack-for-your-face along with muscles and internal organs.  There are two cool parts to this:  1.  No soaking beans and 2.  About 400 things taste great in it.  You get to decide what to use.

Suggested Ingredients:

Dry Lentil – Tomato – Feta Cheese – Red Onion – Spinach – Bell Pepper – Avocado – Basil – Cilantro – Mint – White Wine Vinegar – Lemon Juice


Boil the lentils based on the description that comes with lentils.  They are professionals and surely no better than I at describing a proper lentil.  Drain them, rinse them, stare at them and wonder why you started with three colors of lentils and you end up with brown.

Once you have those bad boys dialed in add some of the other ingredients.  What?  More detail?  OK (go with two cups dry)

Some Feta – part of the onion – pepper for fun color – avocado (go with one that is not so ripe so you don’t get mush) – a fist full of spinach (this will vary based on the size of your fist – this ingredient rocks so put as much you want no matter your fist capacity) – and all the other stuff.

Fresh basil – if you live in the frozen north, regular basil.  Cilantro – this is a cool green thing that adds amazing flavor .  Mint – you make the call, some people hate this.  The point is seasoning does not have to be salt.  NO SALT.


When you put in the liquids, be sparing.  I would start with a 1/4 cup of vinegar and a couple tablespoons of lemon juice.  It is easy to add more, yet tough to go the other way.

Mix it all together with a spatula or a big giant spoon, your clean hand or even a stick.  Just get it mixed up because that is what the man wants us to do.  I cannot believe this step needs to be here.  Who doesn’t know that you need to mix stuff?

Lastly, there are tons ways to adapt this.  Sometimes we see a recipe and pick the one thing we detest and ignore the whole deal and miss out on all the fibery glory.  So, here are some suggestions:

Cucumbers, garlic, pick your favorite bean (ooh… garbanzo is fun to say), mango, pineapple, jalapeno, raisins, try some different liquids, you get the idea.  There is no reason you can’t alter some things and do what I did.  Even pretend you made up the recipe!

Let’s Go!





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