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Is Sugar Sneaking Up Again?
Let’s get that heart working…. Wellness Wednesday
Hey… Do you want to feel better? Tips for Healthy Living

Is Sugar Sneaking Up Again?

SugarI have recently learned about the Glycemic Index.  Is it possible that there are more crafty ways Sugar is creeping into our world?  I am starting to believe sugar is sneaking up on us again!  Batten down the hatches people, it is time to find some of those hiding places.

Let’s Know Who We Are Dealing With…

We have all heard of sugar, cane sugar, fructose, and corn syrup.  We all know we should avoid pounding a dozen cinnamon rolls, there is a ton of sugar in those.  But do we know to avoid spaghetti sauce?  Do we look at our protein powder label? (these are listed with a wink and a nod to my sugar detox group – thanks for insights)  I know right!  That little tasty white crystal is a rascal.  The funny part is we invite sugar into our house.  Not only do we leave the door unlocked, we leave the door open and the lights on.  Ok – lock down time.

A lesson in vocabulary

Sugar has many names:  Lucifer, Beelzebub, Twinkies, Cadbury Cream Eggs are a few I have heard.  It is tricky to know all the names.  Prevention Magazine has named 57 different incarnations of good old sugar, 57!  I am not even sure if that is the entire list.  Here are a few of the tricky names you want to watch for on the labels of your food (in case clicking on the link and reading is too hard, I know, I know).  There are some obvious ones that we have learned to spot as easily as the villain behind the mask on Scooby Doo (if it were a real villain I would hope it would be named the Sweet Sasquatch or something like that).  You have your run of the mill items like Fructose, Lactose, Maltose, Glucose, and anything that ends with Syrup or the word sugar.  It gets a little more mysterious after that.  I present the next level of sugar.  You have Maltodextrin, Glactose, Diatase, Ethyl Maltol, Diastatic Malt, Dextran, and “natural brown sugar” (really) all listed on many whole food labels.  If you knew these I will give you a B, unless we are grading on a curve, then you have an A+ because most sheep don’t even look at the label.  Here are the top hide-and-seek champs.  Turbinado, Treade, Panocha, beerPanela, and Muscovado are all names for sugar.  My god man, how are we even keeping up the insulin shortage.  Lastly I give you the most heinous of all sugars.  I don’t say this because it is a bad sugar or is made from the dark arts, it is bad because it is an affront on something near and dear to my heart – BEER!  I present to you Barley Malt.  It pains my to even paint this with the same brush as Diatase or some other made up crap, this is in beer for the love of god.  Barley Malt is an ingredient in many 12 ounce cans of liquid magic.  I am going to break from convention here…Barley Malt is an exception, consume as much as you like.

 Important footnote, I am not a Doctor

There are an amazing number of self proclaimed health experts.  I cannot tell you who is or who isn’t.  I can tell you that most people are not.  I harp, beg, and mock people into checking sources, and this is no different.  I insist you do not take my word for anything,  do your own research.  I also can ensure you that if you “cut and paste” this blog onto Facebook and present it as some kind of fact I will come unglued.  I see enough stupid-ass stuff everyday to know that I don’t want to be part of it.  I am sure Obama did not secretly sell the US Constitution to a bunch of Muslims.  I am certain that all of Hollywood are not secretly Scientologists.  I am certain I am telling you the baseline of what you already know.  Sadly, I am also certain that most doctors have little nutritional background and have little interest in becoming registered dieticians.  I hope my point is clear, there is no one clear source.  So just take it for what it is worth, quit eating so much sugar, quit it.

Here are a few tools to help

I have an IPhone with the cool app called Fooducate. This app allows you to scan bar codes and get some great information on almost anything you grab off the shelf.  It is a free app with the option to buy some of the cool add-ons.  This app is akin to Skindeep, an app that does the same thing for cosmetics.  This app is also a website that links to some great food information as well.  I know that skin care is an entirely different topic but I think the app is way cool and it may be a while until I get around to writing about your face.  Do a Facebook search for healthy eating challenge groups.  I am in two right now, one for planking and one for getting a grip on sugar.  Join a group and learn.  All of this information is brought to you by the wonder that is the Internet.  Just remember 30 – 36 grams of sugar is plenty.  That Ragu I talked about in the beginning takes up 25% of your sugar allotment with 1/4 cup.   I want to know who eats a 1/4 cup of spaghetti sauce?  That can of energy drink I looked at on Saturday had a mere 18 grams.  That seemed great until I saw there were 3 servings per can.  That brings me to the greatest tool of all, you.  Ok, you’re not a tool, read the label!

I leave you with a great quote I heard from a guest on Fareed Zakaria’s Sunday CNN show Global public Square (an amazing show by the way).  He had a doctor on who reminds those of us who are lazy enough to tout genetics as the sole culprit for all of our bad habits to step back and re-evaluate.  “Our genes are our predisposition, not our sentence”.  Dr Dean Ornish

You have to want it – so  LET’S GO!

Let’s get that heart working…. Wellness Wednesday

xango heart healthEvery day we are inundated with health tips and tidbits about how to live longer.  That is great, everyone means well.  I am not sure if a “glass or red wine is equal to 2 hours in the gym” or if “6 pounds of garlic will triple your libido”.   Digging the libido and I am rather fond of Garlic but that may not be a key element to your health.  I am sure that your heart is a critical part of your health equation.  Let’s get your heart working by trying to consume food that won’t kill you!

Here is a cool little ditty on some things to pour in your gaping maw and things you should leave on the shelf.  I understand but we are creatures that need to have information pounded into their brain over and over.  Eat some fruit (which is low hanging fruit sorry).  In fact just tonight I thinking of eating a delicious deep fried wad of butter.  Whew…this chart saved me!

Honestly take a look at your menu and think about your heart.  Not to be redundant with my themes but take little steps and fix stuff.  Spoiler alert:  take a look at number 19 on the good side.  I am a huge fan, a HUGE FAN of Xango Juice.  This product is not just some magic potion based on folk-lore.  It has piles and piles of scientific research extoling the virtues of Xanthones.

It is time people.  It is time to stop stumbling through your health journey pretending that everything will be fine.  We all need step out our game and step out of our comfort zone.  We only have one life (I think)  and need to live it with gusto and with purpose.

Let’s Go!

Hey… Do you want to feel better? Tips for Healthy Living

Health Tips

Health is a massive topic that generates billions of dollars and twice as many so-called experts who “have it all figured out”.  Everyone is searching for an easy answer, but it’s not that simple.

Three Tips for Healthy Living

I am in my late 40’s and in relatively good shape (although my peers have set the bar damn low).  I am not a personal trainer, I am not a nutritional expert, and not the guy that can turn you into a world class athlete.  However, I am someone who can help you get started down the road, point you to resources that can help you grow, and show you that all you have to do is make it part of your day.  Because I have done just that.


If you do nothing else in the beginning, simply try eating until you are comfortable and not until all of the food is gone.  Try use a smaller plate for starters.  Easy.  We are programmed to fill our plate for some reason and then we are required to finish it.  Our well-intentioned parents said, “Clean your plate, there are starving kids in Africa!”.  While the last part of the statement is true, along with most of the world; cleaning your plate will have zero impact on them and you will get fat.  No problems are solved, but one (it’s called obesity) is created.


Here is a great rule of thumb:  If it comes from the middle aisles of the grocery store it is probably crap.  Exceptions: The things that are not crap (brown rice, couscous, almond milk, etc.).  Spend most of your money on produce and your grocery time shopping the perimeter of the store and you are off and running.

Each week there will be a little more detail and some very tangible examples to drive the point home.  But start with baby steps and start thinking about what you eat and how much goes in the yammering cake hole.


If you want some great focused plans for meal planning stop over and visit Team Beachbody.  They have a cool system to organize quality and quantity (their 21 Day Fix is a GREAT program to get you accustomed to eating right).  If you want a laser-focused plan that is completely scripted I recommend learning about Favao.  We will dive into the merits of each one very soon as well.

Go on now…. Get off the couch and walk down to the grocery store.  You can get some exercise and the bags of produce will be quite light so you can make it back.

Let’s Go!

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